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Well this changes EVERYTHING!

I am a new vegan and to be honest the thing I miss the most - the only thing I can't seem to duplicate - is butter. I've yet to try Earth Balance, but have a hard time with the palm oil in it - I love orangutans too much :).

So can someone tell me - what gives this butter it's "buttery" taste? The cider vinegar and the curdled soy milk? I'm just curious.

I have issues consuming unfermented soy, but will make the concession for this delicious recipe!

I'll be definitely making it with the chia sub and the sunflower lecithin (thanks June!).

Any idea if another type of secondary oil - like a nut oil or extra light olive oil - will work with the coconut oil? If no one knows I guess I'll just have to try it out and let you know!

Thanks for this truly LIFE CHANGING recipe!

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