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There are a couple of really important birthdays coming up this week for which I'd love to make Junko/Kawaii/Deco roll cakes. Nearly any image you can image is possible! Fish, Manga characters, detailed roses, messages in script, argyle, bears, Winnie the pooh, minions, even simplified-line-drawing portraits!'s probably the most customize-able cake out there! Here are a few pics for examples (they really are * beautiful! *): Title, Title

The bake in a flash--maybe 7 to 11 minutes & all you have to do when they come out of the oven is to roll them up to cool, unroll + fill w/ icing or ice cream or mouse (endless opportunities!) The *perfect* summertime cake and you'll blow everybody's minds :)

I've been a strict vegetarian for over 33 years and just developed a severe egg allergy (so I guess I'm well underway to going vegan, lol, but for the time I'm still eating/drinking some dairy.)

The recipe's tricky b/c it requires eggs beaten to soft peaks, esp. for the decorations (the closest I've found to a substitution is a recipe that subs sweetened condensed milk for the eggs, doesn't account for the meringue batter required for the inlaid decorations.)

Here's a look at the basic recipe (sorry, the music's a bit annoying...also, the recipe for the batter(s) appears below the video in the video description):Title

Help, please, this cake is too cool to pass up :)

Thanks so much!


Who'd like to learn how to make a vegan version of these cakes?

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Sunday, July 12 2015, 09:27 AM
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