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Well I tried to make eclairs with veganised choux pastry a couple of weeks ago, and while my vanilla cashew cream filling and dark chocolate icing were delicious, the pastry didn't turn out at all like the eclairs I remember from non-vegan days.

I was wondering whether anyone had any success with choux pastry, or could think of something else that would work for vegan eclairs?
Wednesday, October 26 2011, 02:50 AM
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    Monday, October 31 2011, 11:21 PM - #Permalink
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    Hi Hilda,

    In my experiences, choux pastry is one of the holy grails of vegan baking that hasn't been perfected yet. This is because eggs are so integral in trapping air bubbles and reinforcing choux pastry. Lately I've been experimenting with mechanically leavened doughs like choux pastry by reverse-engineering popovers and taking it from there.

    For now, the direction I'm taking is to activate some of the gluten in the flour and allow it to relax in a thin batter before baking. There is no known hydrocolloid that stretches, solidifies and dries out like egg albumen- that's why I'm going for gluten because it's the next best thing for this application. I don't think I'll be able to replicate egg-based choux but my goal is to get close. I'll definitely post my results if and when I get it!
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