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Coconut oil and vegan margarine are hard to come by where I live. I could try to make my own vegan butter, however, the one brand of coconut oil that i can find is extra virgin with a heavy flavour (I love the taste but it just doesn't go well with everything.) Is there a way to make vegan margarine without it?
Saturday, March 30 2013, 01:27 PM
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Saturday, March 30 2013, 09:29 PM - #Permalink
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Great question heartsandminds! There is a way to make Vegan Butter but unfortunately it will probably be harder than tracking down refined coconut oil. The other way to make it is to use refined (aka deodorized) cocoa butter which, just like refined coconut oil, can be ordered online.

If you choose to go with refined cocoa butter, feel free to go by the guidelines of the White Chocolate Vegan Butter recipe.

Good luck!
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