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Can you tell me what I can substitute for brown rice syrup? Thanks
Saturday, September 12 2015, 12:44 PM
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    Friday, May 13 2016, 12:15 PM - #Permalink
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    Hi there, I find that most liquid sweeteners are good substitutes for each other. You could try agave, maple syrup, or corn syrup--even homemade caramel syrup if you're ambitious. Depending on the application, you could also use a dry sweetener, plus some water or other liquid, if you are using it in something like a cake batter.

    Brown Rice Syrup tends to be thicker than other liquid sweeteners, and is also more stiff at room temperature. If the primary purpose is for adding sweetness, you could try anything above. If it is also to provide structure in the recipe, I would definitely try another syrup. I hear that agave is not great in baking applications or other instances when it is heated, though I have used it to make caramel before which has worked well.

    Keep in mind that it really all depends on the function/s it is playing in the recipe, so try to see if you can figure that out before jumping in.
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