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Vegan Pastry Recipes
by Mattie    
(Updated: October 21, 2013)

Simple and straightforward

Thank you Mattie this recipe helped my pastry cookery many fold. I have done croissant pastries only a few times and the texture has always been far less flaky than usual, and they were more like broche texture than croissant.
I feed a sourdough culture - in short - I didn't use your ingredients because I was doubtful if vegan butter was 'soya margarine' or 'copha.' Well I should have known to use copha, and next time I will use it, but this time I used butter. I couldn't find shortening in the supermarket either. I mixed 190ml soy milk, 28g butter, 370g white wheat flour, 150g wheat starter, tsp of salt, tbsp of brown sugar and barley malt.
I didn't really knead the dough much, I rolled out the 230g butter, and the dough, and used the enveloping fold as shown in your recipe. I rolled dough out into a big square and folded in thirds, twice, as shown, then refrigerated for about 12 hours, and then returned to the fridge overnight. ( previously, it wasn't really explained that the dough must rest for quite some time). Next day I turned it around 8am, then went to visit someone. I came home and made the fourth turn in the mid afternoon. But I thought it should probably go back in the fridge for one more hour before rolling out and ultimately shaping the triangles. I followed the step of cutting a slight wedge from the triangle before rolling them, and I found that it also made the pastries have less bulk in the middle, and small croissants bake better. They were absolutely delicious Mattie. Please check my profile for pictures of my pastries.

Owner's reply

Those croissants look awesome josho! I don't recommend using copha for 100% of the fats next time because you need to have a specific water-to-fat ratio so steam is produced that will intensify the flaky layers. Also, since butter is roughly 80% fat and copha is 100% fat, the excess fat in the copha would turn your croissants into soggy oil slicks (it's happened to me). So I recommend using copha in place of the shortening if you can't find it, and margarine instead of butter if you choose to make a vegan version.

Oh and I clarified the recipe to state that the dough can be refrigerated "from one hour to three days" at the end of Step 6, instead of alluding to it needing a longer chill time. But this extended time may have helped you since you opted to knead less initially- the gluten probably had lots of time to figure out how to bind during its time in the refrigerator.

Thanks for the great feedback and I'm thrilled how they turned out!

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