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Vegan Pastry Recipes
by Mattie    

The New Standard

I loved this recipe! I modified it slightly by doing the turns differently and encasing the butter one one side rather than in the center. I have a read a lot of your articles and recipes on here and am quite impressed with your knowledge on vegan baking! I wondered why you added lemon juice to the recipe as I omitted it not quite understanding what role the acid played! Thanks again. Wish you were closer to Oakland so we could collaborate over one of your chocolate croissants. Are you currently in the restaurant industry?

Owner's reply

Thanks mybfskitchen! The lemon juice is just to increase the tart-factor of the croissant so it has a slight tang. I've seen people use Champagne vinegar and I'm dying to give that a shot. I'm actually moving to Oakland from NYC soon so we will be able to collaborate over a chocolate croissant! I'm not in the restaurant industry but I'm constantly screwing up in the kitchen as I try to learn things and try to decide on a future food startup some day. Thanks for the feedback!

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