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Vegan Ice Cream Recipes
by Mattie    

Not Missing The "Real" Thing!

Ok - if I could truly rate this recipe on a scale of 1 - 5, I'd have to give it a 12. It is the best homemade vegan ice cream I've ever tasted and it gives some of the best soy and non-soy based vegan store brands an honest run for their money!  I doubled this recipe to make two quarts. I also followed another poster's advice to boil the tofu about 3 min to reduce its nutty flavor (I boiled the silken tofu inside of a nut milk bag). The texture, color, flavor, and mouth feel were simply superb! I tried it on my family and they LOVED it! I got comments like "I can't believe how real this tastes!", "I can eat this without stomach issue worries, yet this is sooo good!" and "Bye-Bye Soy Delicious!" I will DEFINITELY be making this again and again! This will be my base for
butter pecan, maple and black walnut, turtle tracks, and many other "vanilla family" based ice creams.

Now my questions. Do you, or will you have a catalog or book of homemade non-dairy ice cream,  sherbert, sorbet, and frozen yogurt recipes? If so, where when can I find it/them? Lastly, if I change out the cocoa butter for a "tasteless" oil and remove the vanilla, is this an excellent base for endless fruit and non fruit ice creams? I want to understand how to build many flavors. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and recipe.

Owner's reply

Thanks so much ttyme09! I'm so glad this ice cream worked so well for you! This recipe is meant for me to be a starting point for me to eventually to redo all my vegan ice creams from. I've been really wanting to embark on this journey lately and eventually post a book's worth of frozen dessert recipes on based on this recipe.

Someday I'll write a book but for now I prefer putting everything I do on and (my other blog) so they can be shared and easily accessed by anyone for free, without them needing to buy a book.

Regarding your second question, the short answer is yes. You could use deodorized cocoa butter (or deodorized coconut oil should also work for a substitute), hold the vanilla and this recipe would definitely work as a base for any ice cream recipe. But you might want to experiment with leaving the cocoa butter as-is so you get the flavor-depth similar to a dairy based ice cream. It's worth experimenting with to see which option works. Thanks again!

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