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Vegan Shortening Recipes
by Mattie    

Can I use the shortening recipe in baking recipes that require butter? Can I whip it with an electric beater while making the cake batter? It is difficult to procure xanthan gum. It is so exorbitantly priced. I cannot make vegan butter solely due to this reason.

Owner's reply

Hi Gemini, This is definitely not recommended as a vegan butter substitute. Regular butter (and my vegan butters on this site) is about 78% fat, 18% water and 4% solids. Shortening is 100% fat so your recipes won't turn out right if used in the place of vegan butter.

Also, in the vegan butter recipes I call for lecithin for emulsification and xanthan gum for minimal foaming during whipping. Since my shortening recipe is just fat, it won't whip at all. For convenient vegan cake baking I recommend vegan recipes that don't require whipping. Good luck!

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