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Vegan Shortening Recipes
by Mattie    

Coconut oil?

Thanks for this very helpful article! I'm now one step closer to understanding this shortening business. I've really struggled with it, and now I just have one question, I hope you can help me with.
Where I live, we have this 100% coconut oil block in stores. It's completely solid, almost too solid to use sometimes... It's mostly used to cook or "deep fry" these traditional Danish pastries in a pot, but I am wondering if this is all I need for, let's say, a vegan pie crust? Is it necessary to mix it with something else, as you have done above, when it's already a solid block of oil?
I'd really appreciate any help!

Owner's reply

Great question Line! I assume you live in Scandinavia? They also may have what you're talking about in Australia I believe. I'm pretty sure the coconut oil you're referring to is hydrogenated, which lowers the temperature at which it becomes solid, hence the extremely hard nature of this product.

Since I have no experience with this product, it's difficult to tell how it measures up to American-style shortening. Since the product you're referencing is 100% fat, it's probably extremely similar. I recommend substituting it where shortening is called for and see what happens. A pie crust would be the perfect place to start!

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