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(Updated: January 13, 2012)

You have mentioned that coconut oil requires to be melted before adding it to the butter. But in Goa coconut oil is always in the liquid state, Goa's climate being tropical, except for the very brief period of winter (November-January end).

We use home made unrefined coconut oil (from coconut trees in our garden) for cooking too. Can I use home made oil? Is it ok to use it directly as melting it is not possible, unless I freeze/refrigerate it and then melt it?

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HI Gemini,

That's so cool that you can just grab coconuts from your back yard! As long as you can extract 100% coconut oil from the coconuts you can use it in your vegan butter. Just be advised that since it's unrefined it will make your Vegan Butter taste more like coconut than butter.

It doesn't matter if it's pre-melted or not; once the recipe is prepped it'll need to be solidified in the refrigerator. Good luck!

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