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OMG Mattie!!!

OMG. I am a complete idiot. I made this recipe over a month ago and was afraid to try it. IDIOT!!!
I had to make changes-- Lemon Juice for the Vinegar; Light Olive Oil for the Canola; and Sunflower Lecithin for the Soy.
I just ate an entire batch of Gluten Free Shortbread. Holy Moly.
Never, Never, Never buying Earth Balance or Spectrum again.

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Hi laurelvb,

Interesting changes you have there! I've been wanting to do a Lemon Vegan Butter version with lemon juice (and maybe lemon extract) so that's great that version worked out for you. I haven't made shortbread with this yet but I so wish I could have a piece of yours! And gluten-free too- awesome. You should submit the recipe to I'd love to showcase it if you're down!

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