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Soy lecithin

Wow, this is great. I really appreciate this recipe for making home made vegan butter. I am interested in trying but have some concerns. First off Xantham Gum is derived from GMO crops, and it is impossible to find organic. Another reviewer recommended guar gum which is an interesting recommendation, but I have read that it is used in fracking. So ethically, I would prefer another alternative, although there is no actual health risk associated with guar gum (at least less of one than xanthan gum). Secondly, are there any alternatives to soy lecithin? As soy is predominantly a GMO crop, I do not want to consume any soy products that are not certified organic. I know you give an alternative of sunflower lecithin, but I have never used sunflower in cooking, and am not knowledgeable enough about it's effects on health or the environment to use this. Any safe alternatives?

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