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Just tried making this and it is fairly easy, but the end result for me was too much cider vinegar and not enough salt. Next time I'll try reducing the cider and a tiny bit more salt.

Question - I'd like to try making an Olive Oil spread - do you think substituting the sunflower oil for Extra Virgin Olive Oil would work?


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Hi jonesian, My taste isn't as sensitive to acid as other people's so I find the acid balance to be about right for me. Feel free to reduce it if it registers too strongly on your palate. Regarding the salt, this Vegan Butter is designed to be a replacement for traditional butter used for baking, hence the low salt. Adding more salt to this recipe would skew recipes with too much salt when used for a drop-in replacement for traditional dairy butter.

If you'd like something more suitable for non-baking applications, feel free to increase the salt to increase savoriness, and increase the liquid fat (canola oil, olive oil, etc) and decrease the coconut oil which will make it softer and more spreadable. You might want to try using 2 Tablespoons more liquid oil and 2 Tablespoons less coconut oil.

I'm actually going to start working on a dedicated soft, spreadable not-for-baking butter soon so stay tuned. Thanks for the feedback!

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