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Cupcake frosting?

Thank you for applying your chemistry inclined mind to vegan recipes!!!
A couple things, just to preface, I sub'd the xanthan gum for guar gum as I am sticking with all organic ingredients.
-That being said, I've made two batches now and both have filled up a little over three squares in the Tovolo ice tray, is that about right?
-I noticed when I was heating the butter on medium high heat that it started to brown and solidify a bit... is that normal?
-I'm making it primarily to use on my cupcakes and although the flavor is great, after creating my frosting I can still smell the vinegar, not taste, only smell. It's bothersome and I'm wondering if you've tried the recipe with the lemon, salt and agar agar instead?
Thanks so much again!

Owner's reply

Thanks RunicBaked! I usually use the Tovolo ice cube tray that makes the large cubes (that's linked in this recipe). I usually fill up two cubes worth and sometimes have a little left over. If you're using Tovolo's smaller size cube tray, it makes sense that you'd probably be making three smaller cubes.

Vegan Butter may brown and solidify slightly if exposed to medium-high heat for a bit over time, but in the recipe I call for the coconut oil to be heated to just the melting point. This is so things can solidify as fast as possible resulting in smaller ice crystals once it goes to the freezer. Traditional dairy butter browns when exposed to heat also. I'm planning on making a Brown Vegan Butter recipe soon so there's a vegan option for that.

Sensitivities to vinegar vary. I must not be that sensitive to it because I love it and tend to use it liberally; I have a carousel in my pantry for just assorted vinegars! Some people find the acidity/vinegar level of this Vegan Butter to be too much. Feel free to reduce it to your liking. Also keep in mind that when Vegan Butter is heated, you're going to notice the vinegar notes more due to more volatile vinegar compounds getting into the surrounding air and being sensed by your sense of smell. When you're eating Vegan Butter in normal conditions, this should't be the case. Also, as I mentioned in another comment, lately I've found that 1/2 teaspoon apple cider vinegar and 1/2 teaspoon coconut vinegar results in better butter flavor with less of the vinegar "funk". I'll probably be updating all Vegan Butter recipes to reflect this after a little more testing. Good luck!

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