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Perfect recipe imperfect chef!

I made this with two variations, one deliberate one less so. I used the granulated lecithin as that's all my local Green Shop had on the shelf and it left a slightly grainy finish to the butter but as the texture and consistency were perfect I deem that not to be a problem.
I didn't write down the ingredients I needed when I went shopping and so forgot that the coconut oil needed to be refined. I bought raw unrefined and entirely predictably this produced a coconut flavoured butter. However I didn't mind the taste even on toast with Marmite and in baking or frying for some recipes it was a real plus. My next batch will be with refined coconut oil so I'll be intrigued to see if there is any difference.
All in all I thoroughly recommend this recipe.

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So glad the Vegan Butter worked out for you sewblack! I hear you on the unrefined coconut oil. I sometimes use it in my Vegan Butter because I love the taste of coconut so much. Good to know it goes well with Marmite!

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