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Vegan Butter Recipes
by Mattie    

Any subs for lecithin and milks?

Would I be able to substitute with Rice or Coconut milk?

Also any subs for soy and sunflower lecithin? My son is allergic to soy and sunflower seeds.

This is so cool how you were able to create your own butter, it looks like the real deal too.

Owner's reply

Hi mrsliang! You can substitute rice or coconut milk but the Vegan Butter won't have the same flavor because there won't be enough protein. To find out why, check out my article on how to make Vegan Butter:

To substitute the lecithin, some people have had success with using agar powder, say 1/4 teaspoon or so dissolved into the Vegan Butter just before solidifying. I can't guarantee the agar substitute will work but let me know if you end up giving it a shot. Good luck!

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