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Vegan Butter Recipes
by Mattie    

how to replace coconut-oil with cocoa-butter ?

Hi Mattie,
I was so happy to have found your site. I also miss butter since I've become vegan. I've tasted earth-balance vegan butter (that I brought home from the US) but it tastes like our margarine (and the ingredients are very similar).
Vegan baking is new in my country it usually includes the use of margarine or coconut-oil. I did not find refined coconut-oil here and I don't like the strong taste of coconut it gives the food. So I was wondering "how can I substitute the coconut-oil with cocoa-butter" in your receipts?
I have compared the receipts that contain cocoa-butter with the regular vegan butter receipt but you've made other changes to the ingredients which makes it harder for me to come to a conclusion.
P.S. I can find here very good quality of cocoa-butter which makes it more interesting to me then coconut.

Owner's reply

Hi Roalexa! Due to popular demand, I've decided by create a Vegan Butter that uses cocoa butter as a base instead of coconut oil. I posted it recently here:
It should work better for things like puff pastry due to the slightly higher melting temperature that is more similar to real butter. Good luck!

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