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thawing vegan butter

I've made this recipe and it is terrific! The first batch was made with ACV, the second, I used lemon juice to curdle as the ACV's smell was a bit too much for my delicate nose. Right now, my vegan butter is in the freezer. I would like to make my favorite cookie recipe that calls for softened butter, so my question is, how long can I keep the frozen vegan butter on the counter to soften? I've only used Earth Balance in my recipes and this product softens at room temperature rather quickly. My vegan butter is rock hard. I'm concerned if I leave it out too long to soften that I could be courting bacteria. Perhaps I could soften it in the microwave? Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Thanks bettye! When kept at room temperature, Vegan Butter should soften in the time frame that normal butter would; in about 4 to 8 hours depending on the ambient temperature of your kitchen. You should be safe from spoilage microbes for at least 24 hours after leaving it out. I usually soften Vegan Butter by leaving it out of the refrigerator the night before, but still keeping it in its air-tight container. This keeps it from drying out and from dust particles. Good luck!

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