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An extraordinarily rich, creamy butter!

Bravo, Mattie, for sharing with us this superlative recipe, which produces an extraordinarily rich, creamy, buttery-tasting vegan butter! I'm recently vegan by necessity (due to diverticulitis) and have been bemoaning the need to give up my beloved pies, cakes, cookies, waffles, pancakes, and biscuits. I assumed that I was doomed to a future of ersatz, non-buttery, artificial tasting “butter” spreads and tasteless baked goods – until I made Mattie’s vegan butter last week. That butter was so wonderful that I used it all within a week on my whole-grain toast, rice pilaf, pasta, roasted potatoes, and morning oatmeal. (For three days my husband thought I was pulling his leg and was actually using an imported European butter from Whole Foods!) Earlier today I made Mattie’s luscious Ultimate Brownies, as well as his velvety smooth Chocolate Frosting. This vegan butter bakes as well as it blends into biscuit dough and melts on toast and waffles. It displays all the versatile qualities of an excellent dairy butter. Thank you so much for this extraordinary recipe, Mattie! I foresee many, many years of baking and enjoying a variety of delicious pastries, cakes, pies, cookies, and brownies. I intend to try Mattie's pie crust next, and I've no doubt it will be as excellent as his butter and brownie recipes. Yes, there is indeed life after dairy butter! Thank you again, Mattie!

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So glad the Vegan Butter worked out for you Jean!

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