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Vegan Cookie Recipes
by Mattie    

They are delicious, but not a stiff dough as you d

I am making these for Christmas tomorrow and having trouble with the dough. It is too moist, after adding an additional ⅓ cup of flour, the mixture is still sticky. I put 3 "test" balls in the oven and increased the time by 2 minute increments to 14 minutes finally. They are golden on the bottom, surface is still very white. I used the brown rice syrup, soy milk, 2 tsp total of extract, so no additional liquid was added. The only thing I can think of is the flour I used: King Arthur White Whole Wheat Flour. Could that be it? The good news is that they TASTE delicious! I know there is a difference in hard and soft wheat made into flour, maybe next time just regular unbleached is in order. Now off to bake the rest off, melt some Callebaut dark chocolate to dip them in......

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Hi PeggyW. That's great you were able to make the Coconut Macaroons taste great despite your dough issues. The dough is super sticky and moist by design but if it was excessively sticky, I don't know if the white whole wheat played a major role. 3/4 of a cup shouldn't be enough to make drastic changes in dough texture. Theoretically, whole wheat (including white whole wheat) should absorb slightly less water than all-purpose due to the ground endosperm in all-purpose flour being displaced by bran husks in whole wheat flour. Glad you were still able to make it work though!

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