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Vegan Brownie Recipes
by Mattie    

Good, but not ultimate (in my opinion)

These were good: chocolatey and slightly buttery-tasting, but I didn't like the texture, which was slightly crumbly and light, not binded enough for me. My sister said they were dry, and this may be the way to describe them since they are not as moist as I think a brownie should be. I am slightly annoyed by all the hype over these because I don't see the "chewiness," etc. in my results. I am going to guess that maybe intuition trumps scientific know how in the kitchen and probably lots of other places because I've liked other recipes better (on and that were less fussy over the ingredients. I don't mean to be mean. I just want to say what I feel like would otherwise go unsaid. I don't like elephants in the room.

Owner's reply

Thanks for your honest opinion on the brownies Marla! In my kitchen they turn out moist, fudgy and chewy and not dry. There's probably some sort of variation going on somewhere; this recipe is a little more complicated than most which can result in inconsistent results. Glad you were able to find your preferred brownie recipe!

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