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Vegan Brownie Recipes
by Mattie    

Weight or fluid ounces?

Can you please specify how much of the chocolate chips to add? Is it fluid ounces or weight ounces? Also, I don't have a weigher so could you just convert it? A cup of chocolate chips? Half a cup?? Thanks!!

Owner's reply

Hi ecrivezmaria, chocolate is a solid so it's measured as ounces by weight, not by liquid. So the measurement is weight ounces. Four ounces of chocolate is roughly a commercial bar of high quality chocolate. I don't recommend using chocolate chips in baking unless they're specifically called for. This is because chocolate chips are usually inferior quality compared to the higher quality chocolate available for baking and in bar form.

If you absolutely had to use chocolate chips, 4 ounces is 3/4 cup. Good luck!

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