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Vegan Brownie Recipes
by Mattie    

Aaagh! Wish I'd read the bit about the batter being "Very thick!" before over-panicking and nearly ruining my brownies :O Thought I'd misread the amounts for flour and hastily tried to "dilute" the mix by adding more hot water, melted choc etc. Luckily they still turned out ok but next time I will have to follow to a tee!

Owner's reply

Sorry zapplepie! I know- the batter thickness is strange. I could't believe it when the recipe evolved this way when I developed it. Non-vegan brownies use egg coagulation that is the primary structure builder. These brownies use primarily flour and flax for this which results in an unconventionally thick batter. Vegan batters and doughs tend to be thicker because of this factor.

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