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Vegan Yeasted Enriched Bread Recipes
by Mattie    

So Yummy

This is the second Vegan bread recipe I have made this month. This one was far better than the first...which required oil and kneading, and contianed 1 TB of yeast for one loaf! Very yeasty bread. This one came together fast, and baked beautifully. This bread has a far better taste and texture than my first attempt. I made one small adjustment, I replaced on 1 TB of Maple Syrup with Molasses, I love the flavor molasses gives a whole wheat bread, so deep and enhances the nuttiness. This is now my go to bread recipe!

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So glad this bread worked out for you veggiegirl! I've been doing lots of bread baking lately and I can't wait to try using molasses instead of the maple or agave syrup I normally use. Thanks for sharing!

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