Introducing Ask a Vegan Baker

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Introducing Ask a Vegan Baker

During the last few years running I've had many great conversations with passionate bakers from around the world. It's so great to connect on the baking level and realize that through all those miles and cultural variations we still strive to push vegan baking - and thus baking in general - forward while having fun doing it. For me, running is partly a way to go on my own quest to really make the best tasting food I possibly can and to have the best understanding of why it's happening on the food science level. But it's also a way to allow other vegan bakers around the world to connect and gain the knowledge and inspiration to passionately make great food. 

I'm constantly brainstorming to find ways to engage vegan bakers so they can share the knowledge they need to reach their goals. Over the years I've traded many baking tips with other bakers behind the scenes and I'm realizing that this really deserves a public forum. This is why I'm now re-launching part the Forum as a section of called Ask a Vegan Baker.

Ask a Vegan Baker is the place to reach out and ask the community your vegan baking questions. Why isn't your cake rising? Why are your cookies browning too fast and sticking to the cookie sheet? What are the best methods to temper chocolate for that big chocolate making fest you have coming up? Ask a Vegan Baker is also the place to answer these questions for other bakers so you can do your part to promote vegan baking. Remember that one afternoon you spent learning the in and outs of caramel? It wasn't all for naught! You know possess the knowledge to help someone out who hasn't tackled caramel yet. Ask a Vegan Baker should smooth out the learning curve for new bakers and make connecting and coming up with new, tasty eats ultimately more fun. So enjoy and check it out!

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