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Vegan Baking Guides
by Mattie    

Well I'm very sorry but Palm oil appears in many products consumed daily, as we all know, and as heralded as it might be in the eyes of some, I do know that it can be the cause of outstanding heart burn and indigestion amongst so many people that I know. Surely this is a sign that this 'stuff' is not all that good for us, besides the worldwide wildlife's survival (orangutans amongst countless other vegetation and living species on this planet. However, I don't, and other's don't suffer when we eat butter. Silly people. Vegan? Sheesh. Get real. With all of your silly whims and 'acts' of I don't know what you're all contributors to chipping away at and changing the planet anyway. Be self sufficient if you care that much. Swallow that.
P.s. None of us would be here if our very early ancestors hadn't worn fur, eaten meat and used animal products to survive... Or could you all see yourselves time travelling and protesting about that too? Get off your man made couch (which incidentally pumped thousands of chemicals into the atmosphere to produce for your self righteous behind to sit on) and get hoeing the garden, harnessing the natural power of the land and live clean lives. Then you can cast your judgment. No, hang on a minute, you'll be too busy living. Case closed.

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