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by Mattie    

Have you tried the red cheddar

I live in South Africa so can't get Daiya (apart from when I am on vacation in the US!), I really don't like Daiya - I agree with the greasiness and sludge like texture (no I don't eat much in the way of sludge).

I REALLY love the Cheesley Red Cheddar - but please don't rate it for melting. Cheesley tells you the varieties that melt and the ones that don't. The cheddars don't melt. The edam and the mozzarella do melt. Please try the red cheddar - slice of tomato... cheese and tomato sandwich! I am in heaven :).

Owner's reply

I didn't know Cheezly had specific meltable cheeses maesti! I'll have to try them, as well as your sandwich combo. Thanks!

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