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3009 N High St
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Pattycake Vegan Bakery: Pattycake loves sweets. Decadent and moist chocolate cupcakes with rich fudge icing. Homestyle chocolate chip cookies with big pieces of walnuts. The sweetest, gooeyest sticky buns you ever tasted... Pattycake began because we craved delicious dessert and found we needed to make it ourselves to make it right. We don't exist to pull in the dough, but to make it, from scratch. We love sweets, and we exult in the challenge to make them as good as they are (practically) good for you. Always have, always will.


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4.8  (5)
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We bought a special order whole cake, a chocolate chip cookie, their "Tollhouse Cookie", a hemp flax granola cookie, a slice of chocolate hazelnut sheet cake, an orange sticky bun.

super yummy and super delicious

very creative flavors and a great variety

good amount of moistness, etc.

They were very kind and sweet, they called us the day before we picked up our cake and told us they were out of chocolate sprinkles.

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soooo good

We went to Pattycakes on a girls retreat for all us vegan and showing the new vegetarians that they do make great stuff for us to eat and it is not like we are missing anything .. I will say they made me a believer and I have been craving the good eats every since

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I always get their raspberry lemon cake on my birthday. It's delicious.

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Pattycake Vegan Bakery

I am lucky to be vegan in a town where, as a vegan baker, I don't have to make my own birthday cake. Pattycake Vegan Bakery does it for me, and they do an amazing job. The chocolate cake with that fudgy cocoa icing is perfect. The cake is moist and full of flavor and the icing is intense, bordering on fudge.

I am also exceedingly happy to have, on those rare occasions, when I do want something ridiculously sweet, Pattycake's Cinnamon Rolls. They are as good as it gets, gooey,rich yumminess. There is not better way to describe them. Nad by the way, tey only make them on Saturdays.

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Pattycake Bakery

I live 3.5 hour away and will soon be moving to the Columbus area. I was so excited to have found a vegan bakery that we tried a little bit of everything. The husband loves their whoopie pies, my daughter loves their cupcakes and the rest of us loves their cookies with icing. I give them a 4 star because the lack of customer service. None of us felt welcome at all. One girl was at the table calculating numbers and 3 were in the back doing something. We stood their like idiots waiting to be served for a long while. Then, when we were served, it felt as if we weren't welcomed. So, we all thought, it could have been a bad day, since we all get them, no biggie. A few weeks later, we'd visited again. It confirmed they either do not know customer service or they were expecting some other kind of customer... maybe a friend of theirs but definitely not a family. The food was good but the 1 additional star will keep me away. I have learned to bake the same goodies and buy some at Whole Foods.

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