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by Mattie    

Amazing Cookies!

I think the true test of a vegan cookie is to ask yourself, "would I buy these in the store without even thinking about it if I saw them?" Often I pass by vegan baked items in health food stores and remember them, but they many of them don't strike a chord to give me that reaction. Michelle's cookies are different. The next time I see them in a store, they're going to end up in my basket before I even get a chance to think about it because they're so good.

The Chokolada Chip Almond is my favorite because it's loaded with chocolate chips, almond chunks and has a delightful hearty crunch when you bite into it. After eating it, I realized it was a gluten-free cookie which blew my mind. I don't think I've ever had a gluten-free cookie I've actually liked but this one was better than most gluten based cookies I've tried. Truly a triumph! I also tried Chokolada Chip which is a gluten based cookie without the almonds. This is a really honest to goodness tasty crispy chocolate chip cookie. The Oatmeal Cranberry Passion is nice and soft and I love how Michelle combines the flavors of cranberries with the oats.

Another thing I liked about Michelle's Naturally is now the cookies tasted like they were baked in a real kitchen and not a factory production line. Only minimally processed ingredients are used like olive oil, fruit juice concentrates in most cases and organic flax seeds.

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