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Barley Malt

Barley Malt

Also known as malted barley or malt extract, barley malt is a thick sweet syrup made from sprouting barley and using its enzymes to convert the starches into sugar. This mixture is then cooked down until it's reduced to a thick syrup. This process is known as malting. Barley malt is similar to molasses in its consistency although it's flavor is less strong and not as bitter as molasses. This dark brown syrup is great for enhancing pumpkin flavors in baked goods. It's also good when you want to increase the flavor complexity of baked goods.

Barley malt is the primary fermentable ingredient in beer. Homebrewers use many different types of barley malt depending on the beer style they're trying to achieve. In baking applications only one type of barley malt is used. Barley malt is about half as sweet as sugar.

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