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Vegan Pie Recipes
by Mattie    
(Updated: December 05, 2015)

Great recipe- proportions perfect.

Posting this to assure novice pie crust bakers that this recipe is 100% legit, bc another reviewer incorrectly said the fat to flour ratio was off. The fat to flour ratio is perfect - just compare the cooks illustrated recipe or other pate brise recipe. Flaky crusts use a lot of fat. I've been baking homemade pies for 35 years, and this is the first vegan one I made ( for vegan guests at Tgiving). About the water--- the amt depends on the flour. For this recipe I used 6 tbsp ice water at first and then added anothe 1 and maybe a few drops-- it should come together as a ball without - food processor is easiest. It was more difficult to roll than a butter crust, but the final look and texture was excellent. In not going to say it tastes as great as my butter/shortening crust bc it discan't and doesn't--- but it is a Great substitute for vegans!!!

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