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Vegan Pastry Recipes
by Mattie    

Bread flour?

Hey Mattie, this looks great and I'm excited to try it! Why do you use bread flour and all-purpose rather than pastry flour? I thought bread flour was high gluten and you want low gluten content for flakiness in pastries. Thanks!

Owner's reply

Thanks karp505! It's my understanding that medium-high gluten is required for puff pastry; just enough to develop a strong sheet that will act as a layer between the fats but not so tough that it gets in the way of dough stretchability and elasticity. If the flour had a gluten content that was too low, it wouldn't develop the pliable sheet and it would break apart, allowing the fats to join, reducing layers, flakiness and rise.

But I could be wrong. Someday soon I want to start experimenting with gluten-free puff pastry so I hope I am!

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