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Vegan Ice Cream Recipes
by Mattie    

Pretty good, needs more experimentation!

I used the cashew version of the recipe, and since I used vanilla paste (sugar-based), I added a teaspoon of alcohol (white rum, it's what I had to hand), to keep things from getting solid. And it worked, it came out perfectly soft and not icy. My only issue is that I still have some mouth-feely issues with using soaked cashews as the base, there's definitely a grainy feel in there. I'm putting that down to my blender more then anything, and may experiment with putting the mixture through a cheesecloth next time, though I don't know what size particles I'm dealing with here! Maybe blend cashews in advance after a 1st soak, and then continue to soak and reblend before using? I think I might prefer to use the cashew base with a stronger flavour then vanilla (chocolate or coffee?) as I found the nuttiness overpowered the vanilla, but it's definitely a base I'll be trying again :) Thank you!!

Owner's reply

Thanks for sharing your findings luinecu! I use a Vitamix so I didn't experience graininess issues so I'll have to revisit that in a future recipe update. I think that soaking the cashews, blending then continuing to soak them before blending again may be the way to go.

Regarding the sugar, liquid sugars such as golden syrup, glucose, agave, corn syrup, brown rice syrup, invert sugar, etc all contain longer chains of sugars that inhibit ice crystal formation. You can think of them as nets that surround the ice crystals and keep them from growing too big. So you can include any one of these liquid sugars in an ice cream and the result will be less hardening and more creaminess. Different liquid sugars have different sweetness levels so I chose to use corn syrup because it's readily available (at least in the US), cheap, flavor neutral and effective. Golden syrup is a great choice too! By the way, I'm a huge fan of English Black Treacle for baking and beer brewing and I order it from the UK just to get it!

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