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Hey there, I've already said how much I LOVE This recipe here. I'm not on the anti-soy band wagon, but I have a friend who is deathly allergic to soy, so I've been mucking about with how to make this without soymilk. As Mattie has made clear, protein content matters. I tried hemp and homemade almond milk, but neither one curdled very well. So today I tried So Delicious brand Almond Plus, their higher protein Almond milk. It has pea and rice protein added to it, and it curdled almost as well as soy milk. I'm not into selling brands, and to be honest I'm pretty disgusted with how most mass produced non dairy milks are mostly just water and thickeners with very little of the nuts, oats, seeds or whatever they claim to be based on - so I like making my own. But in this case, this product came through for making this butter without soy. I used the unsweetened version and it tastes great.

Also, response to Alexis - if you use all coconut oil it will just be a harder butter. The vegetable oil seems to be there to make it softer. So I think it will work fine, you just might need to leave the butter at room temperature for a little bit to make it spreadable.

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