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This is a baker's delight. My vegan, gluten free son has a bad reaction to Earth Balance. Although this doesn't have much taste at all (4/5 stars), it works well in recipes that call for butter ( Jules gluten free biscuits and cookies in particular). He uses it in potatoes as a spread. Yesterday, I quadrupled the recipe to have plenty on hand.
@Robyn, I also use the soy granules, and they are visible but don't seem to affect the texture at all. Yesterday, I ran them through a coffee grinder which did "powder" them, but still noticeable in the butter.

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So glad the Vegan Butter works well for you AnneR! I have some other varieties at that have different flavor profiles. I recommend Cultured European Style Vegan Butter if you prefer an additional complex buttery kick. Thanks for the great tip on making the soy lecithin granules smaller for more effective dissolving!

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