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Soya Lecithin Granules

Hi Mattie!

I tried out this recipe today for the first time, I'm new to vegan baking and I am so stoked that there is a way to make your own vegan butter!

It worked brilliantly, the only thing that went wrong was that the soya lecithin granules didn't dissolve completely when processing in the food processor, so I ended up with little yellow specs in my butter...

Am I doing something wrong? Is there something I could try to avoid that problem? I don't think I can get hold of liquid soya lecithin here in South Africa...

Thanks in advance and thanks again for your awesome recipes! :)

Robyn xxx

Owner's reply

Hi Robyn! The soy lecithin granule flecks has been an issue with some of the other commenters here as well. I've tried to recreate the problem but I haven't been able to because I believe the soy lecithin granules I use, which are Bob's Red Mill, dissolve more easily.

Please try increasing the time the mixture mixes in the food processor. I would imagine that after a few minutes of processing they should be well dissolved. If not, try heating the mixture in a saucepan until very warm, but not hot. Then try processing as normal until the soy lecithin granules are dissolved. Good luck!

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