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Excited to try!

Thanks so much for this; I am really looking forward to trying! And was just about to order the mold you suggest, but I am wondering how to measure for baking? Does the size of the cubes compare well to standard butter molds? Thanks so much!

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Great Vegan Butter questions lilly38! This recipe makes 1 cup, which is about 215 grams, which is equivalent to 2 sticks of butter. When recipes call for butter by volume, I'll melt the butter and measure it in measuring spoons or measuring cups. When recipes call for, say, an unmelted stick, I'll weigh half of the 215 grams, which is about 108 grams.

I recommend buying a scale if you don't have one already. Weighing will make sure you hit your mark every time and don't waste time or precious ingredients. Good luck!

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