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So glad to have found this!

I have been searching and searching the shops and online for a vegan butter (and shortening) that doesn't contain palm oil, all the while getting more and more hopeless.

I want to bake cookies for animal rescue charities, but I just can't see how morally I can do it, unless all the ingredients in the cookies don't cause harm to animals. Palm oil does directly cause harm to animals. And there's my conundrum!

I've contacted all the major companies in the UK, and they all tell me the same thing. That the palm oil they use is RSPO certified. But the system seems to be flawed, and I don't think what's on offer is good enough.

So I was very happy to come across you recipes for vegan butter and shortening! :)

I've got a couple of questions though, hope you can answer!

1. I've got access to soy milk (6% soy beans, water, apple juice concentrate, and salt) but also soy cream (Water,Sunflower Oil (8.4%) ,Hulled Soya Beans (3.8%) ,Modified Tapioca Starch ,Fructose-Glucose Syrup ,Emulsifiers (Soya Lecithin, Sucrose Esters of Fatty Acids) ,Thickeners (Locust Bean Gum, Carrageenan) ,Flavouring ,Sea Salt ,Antioxidant (Tocopherol-Rich Extract)
Which do you think would yield a more buttery flavour?

2. I noticed you mentioned a few months ago that coconut vinegar gives a more buttery flavour, would you think it is worth purchasing for baking cookies (as it's quite expensive)?

3. Also bit of a silly one, would the fact that the butter/shortening has a short shelf life, effect the shelf life of the end product do you think? I want to make sure I can send the cookies out and not worry about them going moldy too quickly.

And finally. You should definitely start up a vegan butter/shortening company!!! I would be your first overseas customer! :D

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Great Vegan Butter questions Laura! I understand your concern regarding wanting animal friendly ingredients. Here's hoping that coconut oil remains an animal safe ingredient! I'd think that the soy milk would result in tastier vegan butter than the soy cream due to it having more protein that can be denatured by the acid. But who knows! I recommend doing your own test by trying both and seeing which one yields tastier butter. The soy cream might have stuff hidden in that "Flavoring" designation that would make a tastier end product and lead to better butter.

Substituting half coconut vinegar for the apple cider vinegar does yield a slightly better flavor for me, but I don't think it would be worth the extra cost in vegan cookies, unless you were entering a baking competition or something;) Or, say if the coconut vinegar truck broke down near your house and you were able to get a few gallons for free.

The shorter shelf life of the Vegan Butter wouldn't be an issue in a baked product like a cookie because it has enough sugar to deactivate the microbes that cause mold, unless your cookies were ridiculously moist. Cookies usually dry out as they age instead of getting moldy.

I remember seeing someone on the internet a year or so ago marketing an artisanal vegan butter and I was so happy. I'm hoping someone takes it and runs with it! I think it's doable. I need to stay here and run this website though and hopefully come up with other tasty things to help vegan bakers. Good luck!

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