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great article - about the moldy problem

Looking forward to trying this.

Some ideas on the mold:
- Might try adding vitamin E to the oil.
- might try using a stainless steel butter enclosure (stainless kills bacteria)
- might spray or dip just the outside with a full-strength Vit C solution saturated with lecithin (so the solution will bond to the outside of the butter). This shouldn't affect the taste of each butter slice.

Owner's reply

Thanks for the Vegan Butter mold issue ideas davea0511! I'll have to give them a shot. Right now I store my larger batches in the freezer and use one cube at a time in the refrigerator. Good to know that there's some other ideas. I was hoping that ascorbic acid would work in place of the acid but wow does that stuff taste sharply acidic. It's amazing how bluntly the acid jolts you on the tongue. No wonder microbes don't like it!

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