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Hi, Mattie, and thank you for your amazing vegan recipes. I want to make your Vegan Butter but would prefer using homemade soy milk due to GMO issues. Do you make your own or use packaged? I'm asking because packaged non-dairy milks usually contain xanthum gum or some other emulsifier. If you're using packaged and I'm using home made should I add extra xanthum gum or soy lecithin? Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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Great question shireen! After switching to Edensoy Unsweetened soy milk a few years ago, I can't even think of going back to other brands laced with things like carrageenan, sugar, "natural flavoring" and other weird stuff. I'll just have soy beans and water thanks. I've also been making my own soy milk lately and use it in Vegan Butter often.

I do all of my recipe development with Edensoy Unsweetened but I make sure that when I call for "soy milk" any type of soy milk can be used. The key here is to use soy milk because it contains proteins that denature from the acids, allowing for extra tasty, buttery flavors to be generated. More protein = more denaturing = more buttery goodness. So the short answer is, yes, your Vegan Butter will be even awesomerer with homemade soy milk!

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