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Vegan Butter Recipes
by Mattie    

please use weights in addition to measures for rec

I like you recipes but I am surprised that you do not use grams for measurements - it is so much more accurate for baking.

Many thanks for your experimenting.

Owner's reply

That's a great point res1! I actually do most of my recipe development in metric nowadays. Someday I'll have all the recipes on to have the option of metric measurements but it's going to take an incredible amount of work to get everything accurately converted. I'll probably start with the Vegan Butter recipes because that's where people tend to bring this up the most. Metric is increasingly important the more you scale up a recipe (and arguably not as important for small batches made in the home) so this will be a great benefit for people who want to make larger quantities for things like bake sales. Thanks for the feedback!

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