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Vegan Butter Recipes
by Mattie    

UK yoghurt?

Hi Colleen interested to read your review as I've had probs finding liquid lecithin too and the granules aren't the best in the UK. Just wondering what yoghurt you used. I like Alpro plain just to eat but it's a bit sweet. Sojade is pretty good just as a sour plain yoghurt. I'd be interested to know what you used since you say the taste is really like butter. By the way you could try putting a pin in the end of the lecithin capsules and squirting it out!! I've done that before with other oil filled capsules.
I'm looking forward to trying this as I loved Mattie's original recipe for coconut oil butter. I buy my coconut oil from a local Asian shop too and it's tons cheaper than from the health food shop. You can also buy it in the Asian section of bigger Tescos.

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