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Don't miss eggs, not baking, but there is a function of eggs that is missing - the binding capacity for coatings. I have tried vegan "fried" (I actually bake everything) things like seitan or tofu but the coatings will not adhere. Most recent fail was a tofu "chicken nuggets" where all the lovely coating ended up in the dish while I was eating pretty much just tofu. Some dropped off on the baking sheet, more when I put it in a container to store and the rest when I took it out to eat. Will flax "egg" substitute function here? Has anyone tried it?

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Great question diayag! To make coatings adhere and stay crunchy, you need a substance that binds but also doesn't hold onto water excessively. Egg whites work well for this because they're able to do these two things. Since flax contains polysaccharides, this theoretically won't work the same way egg whites will because unlike egg whites, polysaccharides are really good at holding onto water.

I haven't spent as much time experimenting on breading things with coatings, but most of the reputable recipes I've seen utilize corn starch to do this, although it still won't work as well as an egg in baked-on breading applications. I think utilizing a corn starch binder with the frying method would yield the best results. Now I want to try this!

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