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Vegan Sponge Cake Recipes
by Mattie    


I made a banana cake, which my son was very excited about, then our puppy ate it while the rest of the family was decorating the Christmas tree. I was desperately ISO a cake that used two bananas and whipped this up in no time flat - only to find that it is definitely better than the other one would have been anyway! The crumb is very tender but it is sturdy and the edges have a great texture too. Admittedly, I added chocolate chips. Good thing for my dog that the first cake was chocolate free! We are definitely not giving her the chance to get this one!! Really great recipe and many thanks for saving the day!

Owner's reply

So glad you liked the cake Anothercrane! I think dogs must have a sixth sense when it comes to knowing when to snake a treat behind our backs;)

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