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Vegan Sponge Cake Recipes
by Mattie    

Great first vegan cake - Highly recommended

I am very new to veganism and this is the very first recipe I've used which doesn't contain dairy and it's great! I was worried that without eggs a cake just wouldn't be a cake, but it works and is delicious! I baked it for an extra ten minutes (35 min in total) as it wasn't done and it came out perfect. I frosted it with chocolate ganache made from 250ml coconut cream, 1x tbsp caster sugar, 1x tbsp cocoa powder, 1x tsp vanilla extract and 200g dark chocolate - melted together in a bain marie. This made enough to ice two cakes so I have frozen half the mixture for next time.

Owner's reply

So glad the banana walnut cake worked out for you Victoria! Thanks for the information on the ganache and for submitting the pictures!

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