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Vegan Topping Recipes
by Mattie    

Chocolate brand?

I have tried making vegan ganache several times and both times it has come out grainy and did not mix together properly, am I doing something wrong or is it perhaps the brand of chocolate I am using. I am thinking it is because I have only managed to get my hands on Ghiradelli chocolate chips so far. Any suggestions on brands to try or look for?

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Hi Nicole,

I designed this recipe with regular semi-sweet chocolate, not chocolate chips. Chocolate chips have more cocoa butter so they won't melt as easily which is by design. This is so they hold their shape while baking in cookies. I recommend using a semi-sweet chocolate bar. Ghiradelli makes one I believe. Some health food stores and specialty stores also have big chunks you can buy in bulk which is usually a better deal. I'm going to update the recipe to be more clear. Thanks for your feedback!

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