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Vegan Frosting Recipes
by Mattie    

Vegetable shortening?

I am looking something to frost your great apple cake recipe and I am wondering what is : "vegetarian vegetable shortening"?

Can it be replaced by something else?
I have really no idea where to find that...

Owner's reply

Hi Daniel-san, Great question! I just changed "vegetarian vegetable shortening" to "vegetable shortening" to make it a little clearer. Apparently shortening isn't available in the UK and probably Belgium as well. Shortening is a solid fat available in the US that's flavorless and sold in sticks similar to butter or margarine. It's a great way make frostings when you don't want them to taste like margarine. You may want to give a shortening product called Trex a try if you can find it in your area. Good luck and thanks for asking!

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