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Vegan Frosting Recipes
by Mattie    
(Updated: October 22, 2013)

I tried! I can't

I tried making this recipe; I thought I could do it (since, as I stated below, my boifriend pulled it off without a hitch). My result was grainy and separated; the same outcome I get every time I try to make a cooked buttercream, as opposed to the smooth, creamy goodness it ought to be. Any ideas of what I am doing wrong??

Thanks for your help. I will master the cooked buttercream yet! argh!

Owner's reply

Hi HayGurlHayCafe! Sorry you got the graininess! What's probably happening is that the sugar is partially crystallizing as it's cooling in the refrigerator despite my efforts to stop it by using agave syrup as an anti-crystallization ingredient (the sugars in the agave act like barriers for growing sugar crystals). The problem is that these tiny sugar crystals are like gremlins; once they form, good luck getting rid of them! And they'll just keep on growing and growing.

I just had a thought for a future batch: Why not try cooling the mixture in the refrigerator until slightly warmer than room temperature, say 90F to 100F? That way, less sugar crystals should form and they can be held at bay until the fats are mixed in. The fats will melt and the mixture will be liquid, but placing it in the refrigerator for 15 minute stints and mixing in between should allow it to incorporate air and keep everything smooth. I'll try this method in the near future.

As for the sugariness mentioned in your boifriend's comment below, I'm getting ready to start experimenting with coconut milk powder soon as a structure builder so I can reduce the sugar content a little. Thanks helping my in my drive to make this recipe better!

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