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Vegan Brownie Recipes
by Mattie    

We made these as instructed, for the full 35 minutes. Our oven must bake faster than others (we had it on convection-multi at 325). The brownies came out sad and overcooked :((((

They were good aside form that, next time we will bake for less time.

Baker's little helper added a warm dark chocolate ganache on top, which then solidified, and they improved.

Owner's reply

Hi BakerEric! I'm so sorry the brownies overcooked. Do you happen to have a JennAir oven with MultiMode Convection? A quick Google of "convection-multi" brought up that feature. At any rate, I don't recommend convection for baking under pretty much any circumstances because it consists of a fan that blows the hot air which is supposed to result in more even baking according to the oven manufacturers. But what it actually does is dry out the surface of your baked item, then promptly overcooks the entire thing. It works by raising the relative heat of your oven (think of the opposite of 'wind chill'). The vast majority of baking recipes are designed for non-convection (no air circulation) unless specifically stated.

Many sources say you can reduce baking times and/or temperature by 25 degrees and employ the convection setting but I disagree due to baking requiring particularly specific procedures in order for the right chemical reactions to take place.

I really wish it would work for baking though- I would be able to save so much time! Glad you were able to make them edible in the end. Thanks for your feedback!

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